I was the Compositing & VFX supervisor on seasons 3 and 4 of Bubble Guppies. I was responsible for the compositing pipeline of the "Adventure" segment of the show. This includes vehicle and prop animation, effects, lighting, rendering, and camera animation. I primarily worked in After Effects and Flash, combining 3D elements from Nelvana with 2D artwork created in-house at Nickelodeon. I also did some 3D work in Maya, such as the falling columns featured in this clip. I did all of the compositing, lighting, and VFX throughout this sequence.

This motion-comic sequence is from an episode of Bubble Guppies that I worked on. I did the compositing, camera animation, and VFX in this clip. I collaborated with the design team, one other animator for the hand-drawn effects, and Ozzy Osbourne (the voice of "Sid Fishy"). 

This clip is from the "Pop Video" section of a Bubble Guppies episode. I handled all of the background animation, compositing, and effects.

I created all of the animation on the background screens.

I did all of the compositing and visual effects featured in this clip.

I handled all of the compositing, lighting, and VFX for this sequence.

This video features a full-length "Adventure" segment of the "School" episode. I was responsible for compositing all of the "Adventures" in Season 3 and 4. I also handled all of the VFX.

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