This is a compilation of my VFX work on Nickelodeon's "Butterbean's Cafe". I am the Lead VFX Artist on the series. I oversee another FX artist in New York and collaborate with the overseas studio. The majority of my FX work is done in After Effects, but I sometimes work in Maya and Adobe Animate as well. I did some of the early effects tests for the pilot in 2016 and later returned to work on the series at the end of 2017. I was also involved with the visual development of the show's logo- modeling and texturing the various components.

Lots of sparkles!

Particle effects are pervasive throughout the show, as you see in this clip. Each character has their own unique set of FX; the color and motion of the particles will vary depending on the character and their specific action. All of these effects were created with Particular in After Effects. Since the effects are added later, part of our challenge is to integrate the FX with the 3D camera moves.

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