I created this video ad specifically for Facebook. My concept was to have it first appear as two normal video ads in a timeline, but soon have the animation break the frame as the two scenes begin to interact. I created all of the destruction and VFX in After Effects. I composited the video together utilizing a library of sprites from the game itself (buildings and characters). After I created the edit, I collaborated with a sound designer and then versioned it out. I would occasionally create new 3D animation of characters/props, such as the soldiers flying, but generally I would work with the 3D team for this. With this project, we wanted to test how much we could play with the Facebook UI on their platform. Apparently this went too far, as it was eventually flagged and removed.

I worked on the storyboard and initial animatic for this 360 video. I also handled much of the VFX work on this, such as the foreground damage to the tower. This project was an interesting challenge as it was my first experience working on a 360 video. This was done in collaboration with two other video compositors and a team of 3D animators.

This video ad was the first project I worked on at MZ. I was responsible for the storyboards, VFX, compositing, vehicle animation, sound design, etc. I created the video using a library of game assets. I worked with a 3D artist to render some new assets as well, such as additional angles of the vehicles.

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