While working at MZ, I helped develop the brand messaging of the company. At the time, we were aiming to unify the different divisions of the company with a common aesthetic. Using Maya and Plexus, I developed an animated 3D mesh and created a library of design assets for the brand team. If you navigate to the current MZ website, you will see various iterations of the mesh throughout. The mesh became an integral part of the branding; it was incorporated into the interior design of the studio, printed on walls in the corporate suite, printed on furniture, used in screensavers, wallpaper, business cards, and across various promotional materials.  

This looping mesh animation was deployed as a screensaver across all company computers.

This is a spot that I animated for "Satori", which was a newly launched division of MZ at the time. The mesh was originally conceived to emulate the shapes of the Satori logo. I created a custom triangulated plane in Maya consisting of hexagonal shapes, rather than squares, and imported this as the base layer for Plexus. Later, this mesh was adopted throughout the company.

We created a standard end card for all Satori spots that featured the 3D mesh as an animated background element. We also incorporated the mesh in other parts of the video, such as the animated lower-third.

I created unique versions of the screensaver for each division of the company.

These were early explorations of the mesh created in Maya and After Effects. "Satori is a live streaming data platform capable of immediate integration, interaction, correlation, and intelligent response". The shapes within the mesh (hexagons made up of triangles) were a nod to the Satori logo. The mesh is a representation of the Satori platform. In this video, I was exploring various ways to visualize the mesh interacting with data.

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